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How Brat Generator Works

Harness the simplicity and style of Brat Generator to create unique album cover-style images.


Select Your Background: Start by choosing between the iconic green or the deluxe white background, setting the tone for your personalized album cover.


Enter Your Text: Input the text you want to display in the center of the image. Whether it's a single word or a brief phrase, make it catchy to mimic Charli XCX's Brat album aesthetic.


Generate Your Cover: With just a click, Brat Generator transforms your text into a stylish album cover. Preview it, make any final adjustments, and download your creation to share on social media or keep as a personal keepsake.

Brat Generator: Transform Your Text Into Album Covers

Explore the unique features of our Brat Generator, designed to inspire your creativity and enhance your social media presence.



Personalize your Brat album covers by choosing between a bold green or a pristine white background and inputting your custom text.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Jump right into creating your own album covers with our intuitive interface.



Enjoy high-quality image outputs that ensure your text is crisp and vivid against the selected background.

Real-time Preview

Real-time Preview

View your custom album cover as you type with our real-time preview feature.



Experience rapid processing as the Brat Generator swiftly turns your ideas into reality.

Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

The Brat Generator is optimized for performance, using minimal resources to deliver maximum quality.

Client Praise for Brat Generator

  • "I used the Brat Generator for creating album cover-style posts for my Instagram feed, and my followers went wild! It's super easy to use and the results look professional."

    Jordan Taylor

    Social Media Influencer

  • "The Brat Generator turned my simple text into an eye-catching image that perfectly emulated Charli XCX's Brat album cover. It’s fantastic for music fans and graphic designers alike."

    Alex Rivera

    Graphic Designer

  • "I love how the Brat Generator allows for customization between two distinctive backgrounds. It's perfect for creating unique content for my Facebook music page!"

    Casey Morgan

    Music Blogger

  • "Creating a Brat-style image for my YouTube channel's thumbnail was a breeze with the Brat Generator. It's intuitive and the final product really pops!"

    Jamie Lee

    YouTube Content Creator

  • "The flexibility of using my own text with the Brat Generator to create personalized album covers is amazing. It has truly elevated the aesthetic of my Twitter profile."

    Sam Chen

    Aspiring Musician

  • "Using the Brat Generator to design promotional images for my band's social media was a total game changer. It captured the edgy vibe we were going for with minimal effort."

    Riley Brooks

    Band Manager

FAQ about Brat Generator

What is Brat Generator?

Brat Generator is an online tool that allows users to create custom images resembling the album cover of 'Brat' by Charli XCX. With a green background and personalized text, it's perfect for sharing on social media.

How can I use Brat Generator for my social media posts?

Simply input your desired text into the Brat Generator, and it will produce an image with the same stylish green background and lowercase 'brat' typography as the album cover. You can then share this unique image on your social platforms.

Is there a limit to how many times I can use Brat Generator?

No, there's no limit on the number of times you can use the Brat Generator. Feel free to create as many images as you like for your social media needs.

Can I customize the font style or color in Brat Generator?

Currently, Brat Generator focuses on replicating the album cover's specific style with a green background and lowercase 'brat' text. Customization beyond this is not available at this time.

Is Brat Generator free to use?

Yes, Brat Generator is absolutely free to use. You can create and share as many images as you want without any cost.

Can I use the images created by Brat Generator for commercial purposes?

While Brat Generator is free for personal use, please ensure you have the right permissions if you plan to use the generated images for commercial purposes.

How do I get started with Brat Generator?

Getting started is easy! Just visit the Brat Generator website, input your text, and generate your image. It's that simple.

What is the inspiration behind the design of Brat Generator?

Brat Generator is inspired by the album cover of 'Brat' by Charli XCX, featuring a distinctive green background and the album title in lowercase. You can also visit for more information.

Is there a way to save or download the images created by Brat Generator?

Absolutely, once you've generated your image with Brat Generator, you can easily save or download it to your device for sharing or further use.

Does Brat Generator offer any tutorials or guides on how to use it?

While Brat Generator is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, we do provide a simple guide on our website to assist new users in getting the most out of their experience.